Lukasz: 07587 502602
Lukasz: 07587 502602
Driving the DREAM
Motor Vehicles Directly imported
from USA, Canada and Middle East
What we do

At XclusV Custom Motors, we will locate your dream car via our strong links in the USA, Canada and the Middle East. We offer a range of vehicles- from the classic to the exotic- and in our current listings, you will find legendary motors from brands such as Chrysler, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge and many more.

Upon first contact with XclusV Custom Motors, we will assign your personal XVC Motors Expert who will be on hand to offer you an unrivalled buying experience. All of our staff have extensive knowledge of the market and offer a high standard of customer service- our priority is to find the perfect vehicle for you.

Once we have sourced your vehicle, we will take care of the entire importing process and ensure your new car arrives in the UK safely. All of our imports are then personally checked and meticulously tested so that we can be sure that you are receiving the highest standard of vehicle. Our aim is to ensure that this process is totally stress free, while also keeping you up to date on the picking, inspection, purchase, and import stages of sourcing your dream car.


about us


XclusV Custom Motors is a car import service committed to sourcing vintage and exotic sports cars from the USA, Canada and the Middle East. Born from a passion for speed and adventure, our family run business is committed to finding the right car for you.  

Our team has experience supplying car enthusiasts worldwide and will be on hand to guide you through your buying experience. Using our extensive knowledge of the market and high standard of service, we will find, import, test and prepare your dream vehicle. Whether you have a specific model in mind or if you have a set of criteria you would like us to meet, our service will be tailored to your individual requirements.

At XVC Motors, we believe that your car represents more than just practicality: it is a sanctuary. Your motor should offer you luxury, relaxation, comfort and safety. Our aim is to provide you all of this and more- with unrivalled customer service and a stress-free import experience.

Owning a vintage or luxury sports car is the stuff of dreams and at XclusV Custom Motors, we are experts in turning that dream into a reality.

Anna Nikitina
Anna Nikitina
Finance Director

Anna is professional, ACCA qualifies person, who always seeks to progress and to demonstrate her knowledge and experience to help the company to grow. Communication abilities, multi language knowledge and creativity skills allowing her to genuinely contribute to the success of the business both now and in the future.

Anna is friendly, polite, trustworthy and reliable individual who demonstrates comprehensive experience of working within the business sector. She is highly self-motivated, proactive, wholly focus on success and committed to delivering the highest level of work consistently.

Lukasz Bojan
Lucas Bojan
CEO Founder

Lukasz is the owner and founder of the XVC Group, and with over four years of experience in the industry, he is perfectly positioned to source the car of your dreams. Lukasz has a passion for American vintage vehicles and expert car care.

With persistence, drive and determination, Lukasz has built XclusV Custom Motors from the ground up and uses those very qualities to provide customers with a first class import service. The best part of his job is seeing a customer’s smile when their dream car is delivered to their door. 

Our Offer


We offer vast range of exclusive vehicles imported from USA, Canada and Middle East.

Individual approach is guaranteed to each of our clients.Our priority is to deliver you extraordinary vehicle emphasizing your unique personality.

In our catalogue there are legendary machines from such brands as: Ford, Chrysler, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Dodge and many more.

Need a specific vehicle?

We will find it

and get it for you!

Are you dreaming about specific model, which is not included in our list?

On your request we will find it and look after all necessary procedures related to import and transport (of your vehicle) so you would ultimately be able to sit behind the wheel of your luxury car arousing everyone’s excitement.

Fill this short enquiry, where you would be able to precise what vehicle you desire and we will contact you in short time!

service & custom modifications


Owning your dream car is a huge satisfying element of personal happiness. To keep your beloved vehicle in pristine condition we are able to offer a range of services which include custom modifications and auto detailing.

This will ensure that your vehicle is kept in the best possible condition and as a result it protect the resale value. We use high quality products, original parts, designed and engineered to fit and perform perfectly with your vehicle.

What ever your needs, we can deliver.


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